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Linking the Paris Agreement and the Agenda 2030




New article published in "GAIA: Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society"

2015 was a watershed for international sustainability governance. With the Paris Climate Agreement and Agenda 2030, the international community adopted new targets and processes which are to guide policy for decades to come. Both emphasise the need for integration. In practice, however, climate change and sustainable development have so far been siloed issues.

A new article in "GAIA" by Wolfgang Obergassel, Florian Mersmann and Hanna Wang-Helmreich (Research Group Energy, Transport and Climate Policy at the Wuppertal Institute) contributes to discussions on linking the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 from a climate policy perspective. In a first section, the paper unpacks impacts of climate mitigation measures that go beyond mere greenhouse gas abatement. It discusses the main effects of climate mitigation measures on environmental, social and economic development in two sectors: electricity supply and urban transport.

The second section outlines options to better integrate sustainable development concerns into international climate policy. These include using development to envision contributions under the climate agreement, integrated long-term development planning and developing sustainable development criteria for climate protection projects.

The article was published in "GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society", Volume 26, Number 3, and is available for free download.

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